Andrew Sigler        

Through all Panics for Tenor Saxophone and Piano

Completed July 2015                                    Premiere:   July 11th, 2018                                                                                

Gregory Wanamaker          

Of Light and Shadows for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Co-Commissioned with a consortium of professionals

Completed July 2015                                                                                   

Commissioned Works

Baljinder Sekhon          

Sonata of Puzzles for Alto Saxophone  and Piano

Co-Commissioned with the Global Premiere Consortium Commissioning Project

Completed September 2015                                                     

Dominick DiOrio          

Flames Will Grow for Alto Saxophone, Mezzo-Soprano, and Piano

Completed: May 2013                                         Premier: Thursday, October 10th 2013

Keane Southard          

Rumination and Manifestation for Tenor Saxophone  and Piano

 Completed: December 2013                                                         Premier: Friday, March 21st 2014


Allison is actively seeking new works for the saxophone

If you are a composer interested in writing for the instrument, Allison would like to discuss the possibility of a

commission or any other form of collaboration you may be interested in.